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Google Play Music is the best mp3 music downloaders and music player available for Android and iOS devices. Launched in 2013 as Google Play Music All Access which later re-branded as Google Play Music. Google Play Music is Google’s marketplace for music. Google Play Music offers more than 35 million tracks for purchase or streaming. It offers ad-free and more than 50,000 songs in its database. It also offers ad-supported radio. It also lets users with standard accounts or free accounts to upload and listen to up to 50,000 songs from their personal libraries at no cost. In this post, we will see some of the main features of Google Play Music and the current Plans.

Features of Google Play Music

Now let’s see what makes Google Play Music the best music apps right now.
Download Google Play Music

Material Design: Google Play Music makes use of Material Design which makes the browsing experience more enjoyable. It is designed to a simple, clean and friendly user interface. It has a better design than other popular services such as Spotify and Amazon. It is a straightforward app, the home page will greet with the Listen Now, Top Charts, New Releases, My Library, Browse Stations, and then the Settings. Each page delivers what the title says it does.
google play music app discovery
Music Discovery: This is where Google Play Music outclass many other music service provider when it comes to music discovery and recommendation.

Top Charts: The Top Charts section displays the Top Songs or the most popular music right now according to Google Play Music’s statistics. Top lists can be filtered by genre, albums, or songs.
google play music new release

New Releases: It displays all the latest releases from around the world. You can also filter them by genre, which is a great way to stay on top of your favorite music and expand your collection.

Music Stations: This section displays hundreds of curated playlists that are categorized by genre, activity, mood, decade, and age. There are music stations for exercising and introspective. Radio curated by experts for anything you want to hear.

Song and Artist Radio: There are also dynamically generated music stations based on a particular song or artist.

Sound Search: Like Shazam, you can also sound search. You can let it listens for a nearby song and identifies the artist and title. With Google Play Music there is no need to separately install a song identifier app.

google play music library

Huge Library: Google Play Music has over 30 million songs on-demand streaming library. Another killer feature is the ability to stream music from its online library. You can also able to purchase music from its store, and the ability to upload your own music to Google’s servers as part of your collection.

All of the songs you buy or upload can be streamed just like the rest of Google’s library. The upload limit is 50,000 songs. Formats supported are limited to MP3, AAC, WMA, FLAC, Ogg, and ALAC. There is a feature for sharing music in your library with others.
google play music design

High-Quality Audio: All the tracks provide by Google Play Music are of high quality. The app lets you manually set audio quality to Low, Medium, or High, or you can let it automatically change audio quality depending on your current connection and whether you’re using Wi-Fi or data.

Offline Playback: This is another plus with Google Play Music, where most music streaming service does not provide. There is no limit on how many songs you can download for offline playback.
google play music offline

Power Player: Google Play Music comes with a powerful and advanced inbuilt music player. The player can act as a default music player and can also play all the music you have stored on your device. The inbuilt player also supports Android Wear, Android Auto, and, hands down and Chromecast.

google play music upload

YouTube Red: This another feature which makes Google Play Music better than most. It included YouTube Red. With this, there are no ads displaying when viewing YouTube videos. However, access to the original content is only for YouTube Red subscribers. It supports Audio-only playback of YouTube videos on mobile devices as well as Offline playback of YouTube videos. The support for background playback of YouTube videos.

Google Play Music Subscription Plan

In order to access all the feature, you need to subscribe to get on-demand which will let you access to millions of songs and download anything to listen even when you are offline. Currently, an on-demand subscription is available for $10-per-month and the family subscription is $15 per month which you can get six accounts.

Plus, subscriptions come with membership to YouTube Red is available at $9.99/month, so you can enjoy YouTube ad-free, in the background, and offline. If you are not yet ready to subscribe you can download and enjoy full access for 14 days trial period.

google play youtube red

App Information

License: Free & Paid
Last Updated: August 9, 2018.
Version: 3.35.1010.
Operating System Supported: Android and iOS.
Size: 84.2 MB
Compatibility: It requires iOS 8.2 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. For Android, it varies with device.
Content Rating: Rated for 12+.

App permissions

Let’s see some of the permissions required by Google Play Music to function properly. It has access to Identity such as find accounts on the device, add or remove accounts. It can also find accounts on the device, read phone status and identity. It can read the contents of your USB storage, modify or delete the contents of your USB storage. Also access to Wi-Fi connection information, device ID & call information.

It can control media playback and metadata access, read sync statistics and read subscribed feeds. It can also view network connections, pair with Bluetooth devices and change network connectivity. It can run at startup, draw over other app and prevent the device from sleeping.

It can also modify system settings, toggle sync on and off and read Google service configuration as well. Be keep in mind that these permissions are not much of a concern, they are needed for the app to function as designed.

Google Play Music Review

We have highlighted some of the honest reviews or feedback on Google Play Music given by users;

Google Play Music Review

Gordon: I’ve transferred all of my music collection to Google’s Play Music and it’s great that Google has offered the backup of 100,000 songs for free. I also enjoy the radios to explore genres and get to hear new music. My issues are with the Google Assistant and Home not being that functional with this application. If I ask to play a radio station, Google has no clue what I’m asking. If I ask to play Metallica, it only plays the Black Album. If I ask to play The Sword, it has no clue what band I’m referring to and, lastly, if I ask to play Beethoven, it starts Beethoven’s Wig radio station. There’s also no option to shuffle playlists.

Alvester: I’m on Play Music’s unlimited plan & I really like the recommendations for different artists related to whomever I’m listening via the radio section but this app is HORRIFICALLY SLOW. Very often it just doesn’t respond to input especially after not using it for a while. Force Stop doesn’t even fix it. Sometimes it will start playing MINUTES after trying to get it to play. Google seriously needs to optimize this app.

Jacob: Great app for mobile and computer music playing but on Android Wear you need to be able to play an individual song and not just an album or playlist.

Steve: Loving google play music, I’m trying out the free 3 month trial period at present which is a great idea as this gives a good time period to see how you get on with the service. Going to stick with this after the 3 months is up. Also works great on my Nvidia tv – Thanks Google. New update looking awesome also an update on the desktop is also awesome.

Shai: Worked flawlessly on my Xiaomi Mi4, recently upgraded the phone to the Mi5s and can no longer scroll (jump ahead/back) on any tracks. It just rewinds to the beginning of the track when I try. The common issue from browsing forums but no clear bug fix offered.

Sean: Getting really good, got rid of a paid Spotify account. Love this 50k track upload and better family plan than Spotify.

David: A very simple clean interface which I prefer over Spotify. All my music choices are there and if they’re not I can always upload it! Music quality is great and overall very happy with the experience.

Ravis: Really great music app! I love being able to add my own music. However, I’m not a fan of how the app cache refreshes when I exit the app via the home button. Open a different app, then switch back to this one only to wind up on the home screen. It’s annoying to have to navigate all the way back to my playlist at this point. Social integration and sharing would also be super appreciated.

Sherry: Absolutely LOVE this app. I love that I have a choice of listening to the music I’ve downloaded from my laptop music library as well as the music I buy via google play. And when I get bored with that, I can just search a song, artist, genre, or year and play music from that radio station. Who needs XM Radio when I can play my Google Play via Bluetooth.

Ashley: All the features of the app work great for my family plan. I have all the music I want, downloads with no problem and overall works very well. It’s been working fine until recently, when I’m listening, the music will have short pauses, almost like it’s skipping. I thought we left this when we stopped using CDs. I’ve updated the app, restarted my phone and even uninstalled the app and installed it again. Still does this, it’s not just my headphones either, and other music apps work perfectly fine. Without this, it would be a full 5 stars though.

Download Google Play Music

In most Android phone, Google Play Music comes pre-installed on many devices. In case, if it doesn’t come with your device you can always download Google Play Music from Google Play Store. Just open your Play Store app and search for Google Play Music. From the search results, select Google Play Music and the installation process will begin. Once you are done with the installation process, open the app and follow the on-screen instruction and start listening to your favorite songs. Similarly, if you are on iOS, you can get it from iTunes. All the installation process are the same.

If you are on Android and can’t install directly from Play Store due to some issues or problem with your phone storage, you can always download Google Play Music apk and install it manually.

This post was last updated on October 04, 2018.

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