How to Get Music From YouTube to Apple Music for Free (Video)

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And do you want to search up documents? So click on that, go to Documents by Riedl. Click on that and open up that document. Now what you want to do is swipe on that little Safari icon on the bottom right-hand corner. It’s going to take you to a Google page.

How to Get Music From YouTube to Apple Music for Free

So what you want to do is type in YouTube to mp3. So, let me just type it in real quick. Click on it and just scroll it down. And then you should see a thing called YouTube converter. That’s right there, click on that, it should say save to mp3 or whatever, something like that. Click on that.

How to Get Music From YouTube to Apple Music for Free

And, you know, want to go to YouTube. So let me just go over to YouTube real quick. And you want to search for songs, so I’m gonna search up talkie talkie, I’m just going to do that in the comments. We didn’t do it today for the article we hit Share, and click copy link, go back to the document and paste in the URL.

Go or hit convert or whatever it says, always make sure that the mp3 is checked. So that, it will be safe, or you won’t be downloading a video. So you just had to wait for this to convert, let’s give it a little bit of time. We’ll see converting or now we’re going to do is hit download. And it says, it is downloading. It doesn’t take you to Apple Music, just close out about it I don’t really need it.

Alright, so it should be done, now we’re going to do is, on your left-hand corner you’ll see a little, what you call a folder thing, swipe that to the left or the right, or whatever, and just click and drag to the bottom, and then click on download so let’s see where it is, real quick. Or click on reasonably download or whatever, or it’s going to say download.

Takie Takie is going to be there, just hit edit down there and move it, and click on the move tab, and then move it to iTunes files, click move. And now what you can do is go to your computer. So, from the computer, search for iTunes.

Now, click on the little iPhone button. Go all the way down to file sharing. So, go all the way down to file sharing. Click on that and now you want to go to click on Documents, and it’s going to show, and the song is going to be right there. So what you need to do is click on the songs that you want to just highlight. So I’m gonna do the first one to Jacqueline depends on the second on the jack, so I’m just gonna click the video on it. Press the Down key selector. So, hit like go in one piece, save, now you hit save, and from here I’m gonna choose a desktop, real quick.

First, save to desktop and same for the select folder. And now go to desktop. If it’s there, and as you guys can see here, all songs are there, all you have to do is, which one do you want to transfer, some folders for let me just see if I open up iTunes. Right now it’s not letting me link it, So let me just go back to the back key. And then you’re going go over here. Now let’s try it over here. Minimize physical drag on the song, you’re going to use Hello, and drop it, in case so give us a little bit tardy go.

Why did it seem well? There it is, is right there, but I can see the title defined that I just download it. Put in so now we have to go back and do it again for you want to put into these over here. And also on there has also been added. So now we want to do it. The iPhone, and then bring it over here, go to music. And then the same thing goes to and hit that sync button. You’re a little arrogant, it took us some time.

Alright so now what, like what you guys want to do is go to your Apple Music, and check if it’s what you call if it’s in there so let’s get this out of the way real quick. So as you can see on the recently added over there Hunter Jack.

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