Music Maniac Pro App Download for Android (2019)

Music Maniac Pro App is another great application which allows users to download unlimited MP3s songs. Since the smartphone revolution, the traditional way of listening to music has changed. In this post, we look at some of the main features of Music Maniac Pro App, where to download Music Maniac Pro App and reviews.

Most of us now use our phone for almost everything from listening to music to connecting with friends. This has become a trend, especially in terms of music. For lovers of music, searching and downloading songs is something that we all do in our phones.

As this has become a trend, we prefer our smartphones than most other music tools or websites. This is where music apps come into play. Browsing around the web for our favorite songs has become a thing of the past. We now look for a more convenient way to get our favorite songs with ease. These music apps can help us find easily without the need to browse the internet or various sites. Music Maniac Pro App is one such app that can do an amazing job in finding and downloading songs.

It is no doubt that Music Maniac Pro App is the perfect choice for music lovers. It makes it easy to search and download songs with just a simple tab. The app has an advanced search functionality and so it just takes a second to gives the results. It is an amazing music app, which allows users to search and download songs for free. The main idea behind Music Maniac Pro MP3 Download is to provide unlimited access to millions of songs for free.

Music Maniac Pro MP3 Download for Android

Music Maniac Pro MP3 Downloader is a great source of mp3 files or songs that are under creative commons. Music Maniac Pro MP3 Download is a music search and a player, it sources music from various popular music sites.

All the results provided by Music Maniac Pro App contains information about the artist, albums to make it easier to identify what you are looking for. Searching and finding a track from millions of songs is not an easy task, Music Maniac makes it simple and resolves your problem. Therefore, Music maniac pro is the ultimate solution for music lovers.

Features of Music Manic Pro App

Below are some of the main features of Music Manic pro music download that makes it one of the best mp3 downloaders.

Clean & UI Friendly: Music Manic Pro Music download is simple, clean and friendly user interface. The design of the app is appealing with a blackish blue color and has a material design. The app is a straightforward app and easy to use. There are no hidden menus and the homepage displays just three tab or buttons. Those are Downloads, Clear Downloads List and View Download Location.

Tapping on the Downloads will display all the download history. Tapping on the Clear Downloads List option will let you manually erase the downloads history. View Download Location is the folder where your downloaded MP3 files are stored. Overall, using Music Manic pro music download is very intuitive. It is light, the app is just around 3.5MB, this ensures that it doesn’t consume too much space on your device.

Features of Music Manic Pro Music download

Large database: Music maniac has a huge database of songs or mp3 files. With Music maniac, you get access to millions of songs that you can download. All the songs or mp3 files that are available on the app are completely free to download and use.

Most of these songs are under creative commons, so it means that you can download or use for non-commercial purposes. Music Manic does not host its own mp3 files, it sources from a collection of databases. It crawls the web for the query and then provides with the best relevant results.

The library has all the trending songs and even oldies. It has all kinds of music genres from pop to classical. Huge library means chances of finding a song is high. With Music maniac, you can explore and experience a whole new world of music.

Advanced Search & Fast Downloads: Music Maniac Pro comes with advanced search technology and good download speed. With the search bar, you can search by the song name or artist, you can even search by a part of the lyrics. The app will provide you with the best relevant results. You can also use the categories tab to locate songs based on the themes you like.

The app provides the search results with information about the song such as artists and albums to make it easier for users to identify what they are looking for. Not only that, Music Maniac Pro allows multiple downloads at once by batch Download feature. There is an added functionality that allows you to search and download ringtones.

Music Maniac Pro has two search options – MP3 Title/Artist Search and Artists Top Songs. You can use MP3 Title/Artist Search option to search and download particular or individual MP3 file and a particular artist. Artists Top Songs can be used to get results based on the most popular and most downloaded songs of any artist. You can also find out a song by searching either by release year, genre, album, artist name, etc.

High Audio Quality: The quality of mp3 files or audio is another aspect which is very important in a music app. Not all music downloaders provide quality mp3 files. With Music Maniac, as the files available are of a very high quality, which ensures a smooth music experience. You don’t have to adjust the player’s settings such as equalizers to get good quality music.

Built-in Player: Music Manic pro music downloader also comes with the built-in music player to let you stream or preview the song before download. This is very helpful when looking for songs to make sure that you are downloading the exact song you are looking for.

Legal & Free: The best thing about Music Manic Pro Music download is that it is completely free. Not only the app, even all the files or contents are also free to download and use. There is no hidden charges and no restrictions on getting access. All the songs or mp3 files are royalty-free.

All the songs are licensed under the creative commons. However, there are few exceptions that you might find some songs that are not under the creative commons. It’s up to you whether you decide to download such a song or not.

Ads: Like most Android apps, Music Maniac Pro comes with Ads, though the Ads are not intrusive or annoying, they are acceptable.

How To Use Music Maniac Pro App

First, download the app from the below link and install into your device. Once installed, open the app you normally open your apps. The app will present the homepage where there will be a search bar and a download tab.

How To Use Music Maniac Pro MP3 Download

There are three dots on the top right corner of the screen, it contains shortcuts to the Search bar, Downloads and download location.

Music Maniac Pro MP3 Download menu


To search a song, just tap on the Search bar and enter the name of a song, artist or album. In case, if you forget the name of the song, you can also enter a part of the song. The app will begin to search and display the results in seconds. The time taken for the search results may, however, depend on the speed of your data connection.

Music Maniac Pro MP3 Download search options

If the default search engine couldn’t find the song you are looking for, you can change the search engine by tapping or switching to External Results.

Music Maniac Pro MP3 Download default search

To download a song, just tap the song from the result list, once you tapped on the song, a pop-up screen with a download, Listen will appear. Tapping on the Download button will download the song to your phone. To preview or play the song, just tap on the Listen (Experimental) to play and select your desired player.

Music Maniac Pro MP3 Download options

Music Maniac App Additional Information

Latest Version: 2.0
Requirements: It requires Android 2.3.3 and above.
License: Free
Size: 3.52 MB
Developed & Offered by Music Maniac Mp3 Download.

Music Maniac Pro APK Download

As common with most mp3 music downloaders, Music Maniac Pro Download is no longer available on the Google Play Store due to some policies laid down by Google. However, you can still get this amazing app. We have provided here the download link to Music Maniac Pro Download just for our readers.

It is highly recommended that you download the only apk from the link we have given here. There are numerous websites which offer Music Maniac Pro Download that is often infected with malware. This malware can cause potential harm to your phone. Get Music Maniac Pro APK.

In case, if you are unable to install the downloaded Music Maniac Pro APK, you will need to change your Phone Security Settings. To do this, just head over to your Phone Settings, then go to Security. Under Security settings, there will be “Unknown Sources”, you have to mark or tick that option. Enabling this option will allow installation of apks or Music Maniac Pro APK into your phone.

We have now covered in this post, most of the features of Music Maniac Pro App. Now, it’s up to you to decide whether to use this app or not.  Even if you don’t want to use this app, there are many other good mp3 downloader apps that we listed here. You can check them out from the below links or visit our home page to see the list of mp3 downloaders.

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