Music Paradise Pro Download & Review (Latest Version)

We have listed quite a number of mp3 music downloaders here, in this post, we are going to introduce one of the most popular and the best mp3 downloader. It is Music Paradise Pro. If you are a music lover, you must have heard this downloader. This mp3 downloader comes with a powerful search function and organization of songs. Its main focus is to provide free music legally. Music Paradise Pro outclass even the most popular paid mp3 downloaders in many functionalities. Music Paradise Pro is one such music app that allows you to download songs for free that too in high quality with just a simple tab. It is made for the music freaks. If you are a guy looking for different types of music, Music Paradise Pro is the best choice. In this post, we are going to see some of the main features of Music Paradise Pro, Music Paradise Pro download apk and reviews.

No doubt, it is the best music app with a dual functionality- a music player and a downloader. It comes with a powerful search engine that lets you search for any songs with simple keyword input. The app is available for both Android and iOS devices. Moreover, the app is simple and light, it does not take up much space. The best part is that Music Paradise Pro is completely free to use and has one of the largest databases of songs available for download.

Music Paradise Pro Download & Review (Latest Version)

Music Paradise Pro is developed by MP3 Music Downloader Free. Initially, it was available on the app stores like Google Play Store and Apple’s app store iTunes. It has become of the most popular and downloaded music apps on the app stores. Unfortunately, it was removed from the app stores due to some policies laid down by Google and Apple. However, the developer still manages to keep it alive and keep updating the app with the latest releases. You can download Music Paradise Pro APK and install it on your phone. Don’t worry, we will guide you through on how to get and use it.

Main Features of Music Paradise Pro

Now let’s see what makes Music Paradise Pro as one of the best mp3 music downloader apps. It has many features here are some of its main features.

Free: Music Paradise Pro app is completely free to download and use. There are no hidden charges. Moreover, all the contents are also free. Nothing illegal here, even the music files you download are also free.

Light and Friendly UI: Music Paradise Pro is very light, it is just around 7MB. So, even if you are on a low storage, it won’t take up much of your phone storage. Moreover, it is designed in such a way that it doesn’t consume your phone resources even while streaming and downloading.

The design is simple and straightforward app. It doesn’t involve any complicated functions, you can use with just a tap of your finger. All the functions are intuitive and easy to follow. You won’t face any difficulty or problem in using the app. It works smoothly on all devices and users can easily search, stream and download any music.

Main Features of Music Paradise Pro

Powerful Search: Music Paradise Pro app has an advanced and one of the fastest mp3 search engines to search songs. It also comes with Predictive search functionality which offers suggestions when searching for a song. Not only that, but it’s search accuracy is also good, it gives all the related search results in just a second. From the search bar, you just have to type the name of a song name and tap on search, it will provide results in just a few seconds. You can also search by genre and name of the artist either.

Huge Database: As mentioned above, it has one of the largest databases of songs or mp3 files. It has more than most of the popular paid music apps. Music Paradise Pro main focus to deliver free and legal MP3s for streaming and offline listening. It sources music files from various audio search engines or popular music sites like Jamendo.

Unlike many other mp3 downloaders, Music Paradise Pro has even the latest release and the oldies. Not only that it has all kinds of genres such as Jazz, Folk music, Hip hop music, Rock music, Pop music, Blues, Electronic dance music, Country music, funk and many more and also supports most formats.

Copyleft Music: Another amazing feature is that all the tracks that are available for download are provided legally free, uncopyrighted. There are no hidden charges, all the music files are under Creative Commons license. That means free to use non-commercial purposes and can be downloaded legally.

With Music Paradise Pro you won’t land yourself in trouble. Unlike some other popular music apps, where most of the songs are not available for free download, Music Paradise Pro offers everything free. This where it gives users the liberty to download any songs without any restrictions or limitations for offline listening.

In-built Player: It comes with built-in music players to let you stream and play songs before download. The built player also functions as a stand-alone player and can be used as a default player. It can also play music or mp3 files from phone device or storage. With Music Paradise Pro you can take music wherever you go and whenever you are. It is a decent player with easy navigable options and let users have a good experience with it. The player comes with the ability to cancel, pause, resume or remove the downloads. It also supports a wide variety of file types including WAV, AIFF, MP3, and AAC etc.

Main Features of Music Paradise Pro

High Quality: Another good aspect of Music Paradise Pro is that all the mp3 files are of high quality. The app filters the results, making sure that it does not provide any low-quality mp3 files. It gives you good quality of songs, that you can take with you wherever you go.

Editing Options: Music Paradise Pro comes with a cutter to let users edit and cut the song right within the app. With this editing tool, you can create your favorite song as a ringtone with just a tap. Not only that, but it also lets you select the mp3 file quality into 128kbps, 192kbps, and 320kbps.

Multiple Downloads: The app is designed to optimize download bandwidth so it comes with the ability to download multiple files. All downloads take place in the background of the app. Another interesting part of this app is it lets you resume your interrupted download from where its stop. In case you have lost your connection, it lets you resume it, without the need to start from the beginning.

And also, it allows you to pause and resume your download as well. Music Paradise Pro also comes with refresh option, which keeps the track of the downloads so that downloading a song twice won’t take place.

Multiple Engines: Music Paradise Pro has multiple search engines to make sure that it gives results for all the queries made. For instance, if Search Engine 1 couldn’t find want you are looking for, you can then change or switch the search engine to two and let it search again. Likewise, you can keep on switching the engine until it finds the song you are looking.

Music Paradise Pro engines

Playlist: The app also lets you create your own custom playlists within this app for easy access. With this app, it is easy to manage and organize the downloaded files without compromising internet speed. You can also transfer the downloaded music file to your SD card as well. You can also rename, edit or delete the playlist as you like.

Lyrics: The app also lets you view the lyrics while listening to the songs within the app itself. However, lyrics are not available for all the songs, if it is available for a particular, the app will give an option to view the lyrics with a button just below the download button.

Social: The app also comes with social sharing tool which lets you directly share your favorite songs with your friends.

Ads: Music Paradise Pro does come with ads, but it is annoying. Unlike many other apps which often comes with many Ads,  Music Paradise Pro just display one Ad at the bottom of the screen which is acceptable for most users. There are no pop-ups or force Ads.

How To Use Music Paradise Pro

First things first, first download and install Music Paradise Pro from the link given below. Once installed, open the Music Paradise app, it will you take you straight to the app homepage. As stated before, it is a straightforward app, the homepage has just three tabs or menu on the left navigation namely Search, Download and Library. On the main homepage, there is a Search bar and Search Engine in a drop down.

Music Paradise Pro menu

To search a song, just enter or type the name of the song, you can also search by Album or Artist. Once you entered just tap on the Search Icon from the right. Wait for a few seconds for the app to display the results.

Music Paradise Pro search

The search time may depend on the speed of your internet connection. If Search Engine 1 fails to yield results, you can try with the other Search Engines by selecting different Engine from the drop-down.

Music Paradise Pro search

Once the app finds your favorite song, it will display will related or relevant songs in a list. Tap on the song, the built-in player will automatically stream the song. Here you can pause, resume and toggle as well.

To edit the song, just tap on the Pencil icon and give whatever names you like.

Music Paradise Pro edit a song

Lyrics, if the Lyrics for that particular is available, it will be displayed just below the Download Button.

Music Paradise Pro download

To Download a song, just tap on the Download Button, it will automatically start downloading to your device. Downloading takes place in the background, so you can still continue to stream or browse around. Once a download is completed, you will be notified on top of the screen or with a Done button. See the screenshot below.

Music Paradise Pro download complete


App Additional Information

Developed & Offered by: Free Music & Audio APP
Requirements: Android 4.0 an up running.
License: Free
OS Supported: Android
Size: 7.4 MB
Latest Version: 1.0.

App Permissions

As all apps do need certain permissions to functions, Music Paradise Pro also needs few permissions to works. However, you should not worry much about these, you are just granting the app to function on your device. Music Paradise will get access to system settings, modify or delete the contents of your SD card. It can also read the contents of your SD card as well. It can also read your phone status and identity and your approximate location (network-based). Please note that when you installed the app on your device, it means that you have already granted these permissions.

Music Paradise Pro Download APK

As mentioned above, Music paradise Pro is no longer available on Google Play Store. It was recently from Play Store as well from iTunes due to some reasons or may be a violation of policies laid down by Google. Fortunately, the app is still alive and available for download. We have provided here the link to download Music Paradise Pro APK for our readers only. Download Music Paradise Pro APK. All you have to do is just click on the link we have given and please be careful when downloading from other sites. There are many apk sites that are often infected with malware that could cause harm to your phone.

Once you clicked on the download link, Music Paradise Pro APK will be downloaded automatically to your device. Wait for the download process to finish, the time taken may depend on the speed of your internet connection. Once the download is completed, tap or click on the downloaded apk, it will start the installation process.

Music Paradise Pro Download APK

Follow the on-screen instructions and wait for a few seconds to finish the installation.

In case, if you are unable to install the apk, you may have to change your phone settings to allow installation of apks. To do this, head over to your phone settings, go to Security Settings. Under your Security Settings look for “Unknown Sources”, now mark or tick that option. once you marked “Unknown Sources” your phone will allow installation of apks or apps outside of Play Store.

That’s it. Now you know everything about Music Paradise Pro. Give it a try this amazing mp3 music downloader to download free music for offline listening. If you like this app, please do share so that others may also make use of it. Also, do check out other mp3 downloaders from below.

This post was last updated on Ma 15, 2018.

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