Download Spinrilla App for Android & iOS [Latest version]

Discover new hip-hop mixtape with the world’s first music mixtape app on Spinrilla. Spinrilla is a hip-hop mixtape platform that allows various music artists to upload their mixtapes and songs. These mixtapes and songs are then available for online streaming and download. It is a good music app especially for a hip-hop music lovers. Thousands of mixtapes and songs are available and also a great place to discover new artists and new songs. This post will give some of the main features of Spinrilla and where to download Spinrilla app. The app is available for both Android and iOS users with a free download.

Spinrilla music app has a lot of features with a friendly user interface. The app concentrate mainly on hip-hop music styles and different styles of mixtapes. If you are a fan of hip-hop, you can find your favourite mixtapes here in this app. Users can also upload their own mixtapes and music and gain more popularity through this app by sharing with your friends and other active users.

Download Spinrilla App for Android & iOS

Spinrilla is a great place to introduce for a newly artist and their new song. Besides this, there are different sections in this app that creates a more friendly for users. You can choose and select on any sections according to your own wish. The sections includes New Releases, Popular, Singles and Upcoming. With the Upcoming sections that lets you always know what songs and which artist are to catch up with other friends.

Features of Spinrilla

1. Offline listening – No internet? No problem. You can always listen to your favourite music in this app anytime and anywhere until your phone is with you. Offline mode allows users to listen any song in this app without using any internet or data connection.

spinrilla offline listening

2. Online streaming – No free space? No problem. Online streaming allows users to listen and play their favourite music everywhere and anytime. This help users with those who doesn’t have enough free space for storing the downloaded song. Until there is enough data users can always stream thousands of songs and music in this app.

spinrilla online streaming

3. Music library – Users can always go to music library to listen their saved mixtapes, artists and songs. All the saved songs and mixtapes with artists are store in the music library.

4. Curated playlists – Create your own music playlists in this app. Spinrilla app supports playlists where users can create their own playlists and add any songs to listens them anywhere and anytime they like.

spinrilla playlist

5. Ads free – The developer teams of Spinrilla app does not include any advertisement or a sponsor ads. It is a completely free app. Poping up of any ads are nowhere to find in this app. This help users to control more freely and effective the app.

6. Trending charts – You can always look onto trending charts sections to see what song and which artists is trending today. This is to see and updated to the latest trending charts today so far and for a weeks and for a month.

spinrilla trending

7. Follow favourite artist – Follow your favourite artist and get a notifications whenever they drop a new song. By this, you will never missed any song on your favourite artist.

8. Listens Radio – Spinrilla app supports Radio listen. Spinrilla Radios lets you listen and discover new songs and artists which you have never known before. It is a great advantage for users to widen up add more in their music library.

9. Listen Unlimited Music – Listens unlimited music in Spinrilla app. There are thousands of music and mixtape in this app. All these are applicable for online streaming and download.

How to listen Music in Spinrilla

Like other music apps, listening music and mixtape in Spinrilla app is easy and friendly. Users can listen music and mixtapes in two different kinds, Online streaming and Offline listening.

Online streaming – For streaming any song in this app, open the app and sign up by using any of your email account. Then you will be directed to the homepage of the app. There you will find four sections that display according to the sections list. The sections include New Releases, Popular, Singles and Upcoming. You can choose any songs from the sections given. Just tap on any song or artists that you want to listen and it will automatically play that song.

Also, in the homepage of the app, you will see a search bar on the upper right corner of the screen. There, type any song or artist name. It will show all the list that are available and click on anyone. It will start playing after you click on the song or artist that display on the screen. You can pause, stop, or play again all times according to your own wish. You can even make a comment on that or give feedback to that song. For that, click on the comment section that is on the upper right corner of the screen. Also, you can share the songs via twitter, Facebook or any other social networks.

Offline listens – For listening any song or any mixtape, you first need to download it and saved it to your library. To download a song or mixtape, click on that song that you select and there you will find the download button on the bottom right corner of the screen. Click the download button and the rest will be done by the app itself. To see your download status, go to your music library and there you will found it.

After you finished download, you can always listen again and again anytime you like without using any of you data. And when you are in place where there is no internet connection, you can always listen to it. Besides this, you can also add any song to your playlists that you have created. To add a song in playlist, click on the song and there you will find three dots in a vertical directions on the bottom right corner of the screen, click that and it will appear add to playlist. Again, click add to playlist and choose the name of the playlist you want to add. Afterall, you can always listen all the songs in offline mode.

How to Upload Mixtape in Spinrilla

As Spinrilla is a website and app that hosts mixtapes from popular and independent rap artists from around the world.

Uploading a mixtape or music is somehow complicated. But is a great platform for a newbie to explore themselves to a world of music industry. To upload a mixtape or a music, you need to go their websites using your desktop, phone or tablets. There you need to create an artist account. That means an artist is yourselves.

Firstly, register in to their websites or from the app, then create an artist account. Fill up the application form to create an artist account and all the necessary things required and submit. Your application will be look by the developer and you will get a notification from them. Wait till your application is approved. After your application is approved, you can upload your own mixtapes as many times. Get more views and gain popularity from other active users.

If your mixtapes is good and once you get popular, you can be call yourselves as one of the artist in the music industry and feel proud of you. So, Spinrilla is a good place for an independent rap artist to explore themselves in the world of music industry.

Download Spinrilla

Spinrilla is available for both Android and iOS devices. You can get the app from the Google app store. For Android, you can get it from the Google Play Store and for iOS you can get it from iTunes or from the Apple’s App store iTunes.

That conclude this post on download Spinrilla App for Android and iOS. Please do check out other related music apps from below or browsing through this blog.

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