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After taking a break for a while, here we come again with new update Songily App download for Android. Songily is a beautiful music app developed and offered by Fora Gluthsy Audio Trac. As our main goal is to provide our readers or music community with the best music apps recommendations. Having said that, we constantly hunt for such apps. There are many music downloader apps offering different features. A songily app is the one app that provides some of the best features of music apps. We are sure that you will love Songily app. With the Songily app, you can download any song or even in full album and play them offline where ever you are.

The best thing about Songily app is that it has unlimited free mp3 and songs available for downloads. There are no limitations, subscription or fee and it is completely free to use and download. It is not only a downloader app but also a player. Songily has a very advanced music player with the beautiful and intuitive user interface. Like any other good music player, you can repeat and shuffle songs.

Songily App Download for Android

Songily app has some of the most popular songs and albums. It also has all kinds of music genres such as jazz, hip pop, rock, electronic, classical and many more. No doubt, Songily app is one of the best mp3 music downloader and streamer app you can get right now. You can add millions of tracks into your playlists and enjoy the music for free music whenever you like. In this update, we will walk you through some of the best features of Songily, Songily app download and reviews.

Features of Songily App

100% Free: The best thing about this app is that it is completely free to download and use. It provides free top music and the best songs from around the world that you can download. There are hidden charges or limitations. Songily is the one music app where you can download tons of music for absolutely free.

Light and Friendly UI: Songily app is very light, it is just around 3MB. So, even if you are on low storage capacity, you don’t have to worry much about installing Songily. It is designed to take up less amount of space and consume fewer phone resources. The app is designed to be friendly with a simple interface. It is a straightforward app and using it is quite easy. The app comes with a visual green and dark background. It is easy to navigate around. The app homepage displays the Top Chart and the left main menu has the search bar, Video tap, Downloads, and the app settings page.

Features of Songily App

Large Database of Songs: Songily app has one of the largest databases of songs. It has millions of songs from trending, emerging and established artists. You can discover new trending music with different categories and genres. This makes finding songs very easy. Because of its huge library, the possibility of not finding a song is very low. With Songily app, you can discover your favorites music in each genre from all-time greats to the newest, hottest and budding artists.

Advanced Powerful Search: It has an advanced MP3 Songs search engine which provides you the best possible results. It comes with great speed, so searching and displaying the results takes a few seconds. However, the speed may depend on the strength of your internet or data connection. It has a Search Bar, you can search by the name of the song, artist name or album. It also displays remixes and covers of the song. You can also sort songs list by name, type, size, and date. Download your favorites songs for absolutely free on your android phone and enjoy free music on the go.

Good Quality: All the music or songs quality on the Songily is really amazing. In Songily, you won’t find any low-quality songs. The lowest audio quality you will find is 128 kbps which are still good enough. Sound quality is one of the most important things in a music app to consider. With the Songily app, you don’t have to worry about the quality and it only provides you with amazing music quality.

Powerful In-built Player: Songily has a beautiful inbuilt player to stream or preview a song before download. You can also use it as your default player. It also comes with background playback. So, you can keep on browsing while listening to your favorite song. It has all the basic functions of a music player such as pause and resume.

Custom Playlists: You can also create and manage your own streaming playlists. Creating a playlist is easy, it just takes a few taps to create. There are no limitations, so you can create as many playlists as you wish.

Video Converter: Unlike many mp3 downloader apps, Songily app has an amazing separate Online video converter from popular video sites. You can download and convert any YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and Liveleaks video into mp3 files ad mp4 files.

Background Processes: All file downloading, streaming takes place in the background. So, it allows you to perform multiple tasks while using Songily. It also comes with the ability to stop and resume File Transfer.

Ads: As mentioned earlier, the app doesn’t charge you anything. In order to earn and keep the app alive, the developers earn by way of displaying ads between the songs. If you want to contribute or help the developers you can open the ads. This will enable the developer to improve or advance the app. There are no annoying pop-ups or force ads.

Regular Updates: The app is regularly updated, so with each update, new features are being added for better user experience. These updates fix errors and bugs. It is recommended to always check for new updates to have the best experience of Songily.

How to Install Songily App

First things first, first get Songily from below.

Step 1: Enable Unknown Sources

To Install APK or if you are installing apk for the first time, you will need to allow it from your phone settings. It means allowing installation of apk or apps outside of Play Store. To do this, head over to Phone Settings, then to Security. Under your Security Setting look for Unknown sources. Enabling this option will allow you to install any apks. Now enabled or marked Unknown sources. Done.

Step 2: Now go back to your downloaded Songily apk, tap on it to start the installation process.

How to Install Songily App

Step 3: Now, the app will ask you for the permission request to Install the App. Just tap on ‘Install’ tab, wait for a few seconds to finish the installation process.

Step 4: Once it finished the installation, it will ask you for the permission to launch. Just tap on the ‘Launch’ to start using the app. The app will take you directly takes you to the home page.

How To Use Songily App

Lets assumed that you have installed the app. Once you have done that and open the app, you will see the homepage with the Top Chart. On the top left of the home page is the main navigation menu. Under the Main Menu, there is a Search Bar for searching songs. Home tab and Download folder for accessing all your downloads. There is also a Video tab for converter video into mp3 from supported sites and the app settings tab.

To search a song, go the main menu, on the Search bar just enter the name of the song or artist or album name. Wait for a few seconds for the results to display. The app will give you the best relevant results along with Remix and covers of that song.

songily search

To stream or preview a song before download or use as a player, just tap on the Play button beside each song. Once you tapped, the inbuilt player will automatically start playing the song.

To Download a Song, just tap on the song, the app will give you an option to select the quality. Select and tap on the download icon.

songily search results

To download a video from supported sites, just go to the menu and go to Videos. There is an area for entering external video link from supported sites. Enter the video link you want to download and tap on search. It will take a few seconds to display the video. Now below the video, there will be an option for audio or video formats, resolution and size. Select your desired format and size, tap the download icon and done.

how to use songily app

You can also filter your search by remixes or covers by going to Settings. You can also change the location of your downloads as well.

Songily App Download

Songil has two versions, for older Android devices you can get it directly from Play Store. If you are using Android 2.0 and above there is a pro version with more features. Both the versions are completely free to use. For the Pro Version, you can get it from the official Songily site: Download the apk and install into your device. If you have trouble installing apk, see the above steps on how to use install.

That’s it. Hope this app helps you download offline free music and take your favorites music wherever you are.


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