Free Music MP3 Player Download for Android (Latest Version)

Free Music MP3 Player is a wonderful app that lets you play music videos for free. It is developed by MixerBox, known for offering some of the best music apps. If you are looking for apps that can easily play videos, Free Music MP3 Player is the best choice for that. The app is beautifully designed, light and fast. It is also designed to consume fewer resources on your phone such as data. This post will give some of the main features of Free Music MP3 Player and where to download Free Music MP3 Player for free. With this app, you will be able to enjoy free music videos anytime, anywhere on the go.

The app is completely legal and it is a compliant 3rd-party API client. Free Music MP3 Player lets you play music and videos from YouTube and MP3s within the app.

Free Music MP3 Player is a kind of alternative YouTube client, which allows users to listen to all YouTube videos in a much more comfortable way than the official YouTube app. With this app, you can easily create playlists and add songs to your lists. With its advanced built-in player, you can play them automatically. For music lovers, Free Music MP3 Player offers a good array of digital audio content.

Free Music MP3 Player Download for Android

MixerBox offers three different versions- the Lite Version, Free Music MP3 Player PRO, and Unlimited Free Music MP3 Player. The Lite version is optimized for low device’s storage memory usage. The size of the Lite Version is the smallest among all the versions. So if you are on a low memory storage the Lite Version is a good choice.

The performance is also optimized to better suit the devices of the screen resolution. This makes it a perfect choice for people who would like to enjoy unlimited music with low memory storage. The Pro version allows you to enjoy all the features of the app and it provides a better-personalized music experience. The Unlimited Free Music MP3 Player version comes with some In-app purchases for extra features.

Free Music MP3 Player is now one of the most popular music apps with has already more than 50 million downloads. This number is still increasing day by day and received an amazing rating of 4.3 on the app store. It may be mentioned that Free Music MP3 Player does not host any video or mp3 files. Instead, it simply links to contents from online video hosting portal such as YouTube through their 3rd Party Developer API.

Features of Free Music MP3 Player App

Without much further ado, let’s see what’s special about this music app.

Beautiful Design: Free Music MP3 Player App has a gorgeous Stylish design and unique user interface. It has a white visual background that makes it attractive to the eyes. The UI fits the users taste perfect, making you want to use the app more to enjoy music.

Features of Free Music MP3 Player App

Huge Collections: since it pulls contents from online video portals, its collection of songs is enormous. It has one of the largest collection of songs. More than the big music house such as Spotify, Amazon etc. It has all kinds of music genres such as R & B, Instrumental, Pop, Soundtrack, Electronic, Dance, hip-hop and many more.

There are collections to suit your moods such as for sleep, workout, focus, party, romance and many other. Not only that, but the app also gives you Top Charts, Popular artists, featured curated contents and popular mixes of hot tracks. In this app, you will find all artists from around the world.

The American artists, British artists, Spanish artists, Australian artists, and other artists. Free Music MP3 Player App also has radios from around the world which you can choose according to different music genres. Another interesting feature is that it gives the Top Singles from iTunes which you can play them for free.

Free Music MP3 Player App

Music Recognition: This feature works similar to Shazam to let you recognize any music playing nearby. You can also sing a part of the song which you couldn’t remember. The app will instantly identify the song for you. This feature also lets you add the song you just found out to your playlist.

Advanced Search: The app comes with the latest search technology to let you find your favorites songs quickly. The search functions also come with suggestive words for quick search. Searching takes only a few seconds, however, the time taken may depend on your data speed connection. It will give all the related songs and curated playlist relevant to the search term.

Free Music MP3 Player Playlist

Advanced Player: Free Music MP3 Player App has one of the advanced built-in music players. It has all the basic functions of a music does have. You can pause, resume, forward, backward and scuffle. It also has a fast preview mode and condensed into a 20-second highlight which users to browse through a playlist quickly and let them discover their favorites songs.

Not only that, but the player also lets you share your favorites music with your friends on your social accounts. The player also allows users to listen to their favorite music while using other apps or doing other works. You can play music and videos from various services non-stop within the player. The app also lets you play any video into HD mode if your internet strength supports it.

Lyrics Mode: This another good feature, if you would like to view the lyrics while singing along to your favorite music videos. If the music video you are watching supports or have lyrics you can view them with ease.

Automatic and Custom Playlists: The app lets you have an automatic playlist with an instant personalized playlist from your Facebook Likes and Shares. You can also easily create your own custom playlist by just a single tap. There is the ability to subscribe to the top playlists from your Facebook friends. The app also provides you with a new playlist every day. You can also automatically sync playlists across all of your devices.

Free Music MP3 Player App Reviews

Here are some of the honest reviews or feedback given by users;

Royal: If you like to shake it, MixerBox Lite is Ready to Roll. If the music you are looking is on YouTube, then it’s ready to be added and you’ll be ready to rock in no time. Setup is super easy. It works great, I can still listen or watch practically anything I desire without having to be too concerned my devices are losing more valuable space.

Saly: This music app is, without an absolute doubt, one of the best, out there. I’ve been using MixerBox Free Music MP3 Player for about a year now and I can honestly say, that, in that, time frame, I, have never once had an issue with it, what-so-ever. If you love music, with the option of online & offline listening, then this music application, is for you.

Sandra: I use this app all the time honestly, it doesn’t have commercials and you’ll always find exactly the video or song you want to listen and watch.

Roberto: This is an awesome app. I Can literally have any song at my disposal and not take up a lot of my phone memory since it streams through YouTube. I love it and literally make playlists before leaving work just to have a comfortable commute home. This never fails me.

Jessenia: I really love this app, best music app I’ve found so far. The only thing I would have to say is I would like to be able to download the song to the actual phone. Just because I like to use music as a ringtone.

Rob: Cool app, it finds much more than other music apps I have used before. I would recommend this to anyone. Try it for yourself and see.

Free Music MP3 Player App Reviews

Keata: I love this app. Very easy to use. You can listen to all your favorite YouTube videos and use other apps at the same time without any interruption.

James: This is my first time using this app. so I have not explored thoroughly yet, but so far this app is awesome and amazing. Of course, there are some other things that can be upgraded to keep it up.

Jayde: I love this, it definitely has more things than most music apps. If you are looking for an app that has any song or even YouTube video. This app is the one to consider.

Melinda: It was great to add this app you can see all the old singer and song but one thing you can’t download the song. Not like tubidy which you can download all the song and video clip.

How to Use Free Music MP3 Player App

Using the app is easy. just download the app from the below-given links. Install into your phone and open the app. Once you open, the app will present you with the main home page. The home page contains the Top Charts, Featured sections, Mixes, Genres, Moods, Discover, Popular Artists, and radio stations. Tapping or clicking on each section will take you a list of songs. Tap on the song will take you directly to the player.

To search a song, on the search bar which is at the top of the screen, enter the name of the song and tap on the search icon. If you don’t remember the name of the song, you can also search by Artist name or album name. The app will try its best to give you the best possible results.

There are four tabs on the bottom of the screen. Playlist- this is where all of your playlists, music files, and your last played video are stored. Next is the For You tab, this tap gives you personalized music recommendations. Here, you will find Mixes recommendations, New Releases and hot music sections.

The Discover tap displays a page similar to the main home page. And the last tab is the More tab where you can access to your accounts. Here you can log in with your Facebook account, change the theme of the app. Unlock achievements to remove ads, options to invite your friends. Others like FAQs, Terms & Services, Privacy policy, and sleep timer settings.

To add the current song to your Playlist, just tap on the Add icon which just below the player progress bar. You can give whatever Playlist name you like. To share the current you are listening, just tap on the sharing icon. Once tapped, it will display all the supported sites and apps to share. Just select the platform and select your friends from the contacts.

Download Free Music MP3 Player App

Download Free Music MP3 Player App

As mentioned above, Mixerbox offers three different versions of Free Music MP3 Player apps. All these versions are all available for download on the app store for completely free. You can choose your desired version to download from below;

Free Music MP3 Player
Free Music MP3 Player PRO

Download Free Music MP3 Player APK

If you are unable to download directly from the Google Play Store due to some other reasons. You can download the latest version of apks from the below links.

Free Music MP3 Player APK

To stay safe, it is recommended that you download apks only from the above links. There are numerous sites offering apks that are often infected with malware. If your phone doesn’t allow to install downloaded apks, follow these few steps. Head over to your Phone settings and then to Security. Now, under Security settings locate “Unknown Sources”. Enable or tick the Unknown Sources option. Once enabled it will allow you to install any apks or apps outside of Play Store.

That concludes our post on Free Music MP3 Player app. Hope, this app helps you to listen to your favorites music on the go. Also, feel free to check out other music apps we have listed in this blog.


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