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RockMyRun is an exceptional running app that combines high energy mixes created specifically for people working out to make workouts more enjoyable. RockMyRun is known as one of the best workout music app which lets you download music for offline playback. This post will give you main features of RockMyRun, RockMyRun reviews, and a link to download RockMyRun app.

RockMyRun is specially made for fitness freaks, RockMyRun crafts mixtures, and playlists that react to your physique. RockMyRun, the very first product out of Rock My World, is a favorite, highly rated program that brings this vision to life and affects the fitness tech market.

RockMyRun combines professionally established, DJ’s combines and playlists that were designed to inspire folks throughout practice with innovative, technology that corrects music pace instantly based on biometric data. Body Driven Music™ is personalized for each user, letting them own more fun, perform better and texture up to 3-5 percent more inborn motivation throughout every workout.

Download RockMyRun: Best Workout Music App

RockMyRun features easy, higher energy combinations created by DJs (125 175+ BPM) that are searchable in several ways including, although not restricted to artist, genre, activity, suggested mixes, recently published, mixes that sync into steps and more. Genres provided on the app are house, rock, pop, hip-hop, 80’s, dubstep, country, Latin, oldies, drum and bass, 90’s, Christian songs,  classical, classical, R&B and many more.

The RockMyRun music mixtures range in genres, duration, beats each second and lyrics. Genres include 80’s, 90’s, tailgate country, crossed pop, epic energy, etc. There’s a mix of clean and explicit lyrics. Put the filter choice to see only lyrics.

It is ideal to download a mixture locally (using wi-fi) until you venture out on your own run. This can allow you to avoid streaming the mixture which will use your computer data plan and you’re still able to hear your music in the event that you lose cellular connection.

As a way to provide the most personalized experience, RockMyRun users can find themed mixtures for anything from 5K training to your particular BPM range. The mixes are developed by DJs from across the world and therefore are specifically intended for running and people training.

Clients can select a variety of playlists from over several different forms of music including rock, pop, country, hip jump, R&B, reggae, and more. Each of those lists was published with the objective of keeping a consistent degree of energy and tempo throughout your exercise session.

Some Amazing features of RockMyRun

Talented DJ’s like David Guetta, Zedd, Afrojack, Major Lazer and more produce conducting music along with workout songs mixes to give one of the top exercise songs together with constant energy & tempo through your workout (no more hitting jump!).

features of RockMyRun

Mixes build in BPM (beats per second) through your work out to keep you going.

Different from Songza, Spotify and Pandora Radio because most of the tunes are specially chosen and seamlessly blended together, creating a distinctive workout experience.

Body Driven Music™ corrects music series of combinations and playlists to fit your own measures or target cadence.

New suggested mixes feature tailors mixes and playlists based on your listening preferences. It’s music which listens for you.

rockmyrun mixes

Choose any genre: Pop, Rock, Hip-hop/Rap, House, Dubstep, Drum & Bass, 80’s, 90’s, Oldies, Christian, R&B, Latin, Reggae, Seasonal, Country, Bmore, Classical.

Utilize it for a fitness center playlist, 10k run, marathon coaching, couch to 5k, Crossfit class, boot camp class or cycling.

Works effortlessly together with conducting apps and monitoring apps like Nike+, Runkeeper, MapMyFitness, Runtastic, and Endomondo. They’ll do the tracking and we’ll perform the rocking as you perform working out!
The RockMyRun’s secret sauce would be your RockMyRun proprietary audio mix selections together side the myBeat speed intelligence.

RockMyRun uses professional DJ’s to develop proprietary music combinations at which the variety of beats per minute will increase or diminish without degrading the quality of the music. The pro DJ mixes together songs in a manner that is seamless so there is never a break in flow or energy plus each mix is its own unique masterpiece of design.

Even the myBeat MatchMe feature automatically increases or decreases the music beat per minute in real time to match your pace! It does this through detectors on your mobile that detect your measure count. As stated by RockMyRun, many professional studies demonstrate that when music is matched into steps you play up to 15% better.

As soon as you have selected the sort of music you wish to hear for the workout, you also add it into a set of music. Then it is possible to pick from an enormous number of individual lists of music that vary in the beats per minutes and span. From the Rock list, you will find approximately two hundred different lists that to choose, therefore not a trouble locating a fantastic mix.

The music changes in beats per second from under 120 to more than 160. The longer defeats the greater the degree of energy and also the faster the tempo so that you are able to choose better music to warm up or cool down and a really speedy set for listening during the most strenuous part of one’s exercise regime.

rockmyrun download

This program is perfect for both males and female who are fed up with music offerings and are bored and/or annoyed with having to maintain their own playlists. If you should be looking to do have more fun and also get more out of workouts, then you HAVE to try Rock My Run during your next workout!

RockMyRun is designed to be fun and also help you work better. It is similar to using a personal coach telling you how fast you’re moving and inviting one to accomplish more but through music rather than simply voice. As stated by the major exercise scientists, now it certainly works!

You may use RockMyRun music mixes together side your favorite program to keep track of your runs, such as Runtastic, Nike+, RunKeeper, etc.. Start your favorite monitoring program then start your Rock My Run music mixture.

RockMyRun Membership Options

RockMyRun has the following membership options which you can choose according to your needs.

Standard: The Standard Membership gives access to the following features;
# It is free forever. You can access seamless DJ curated music.
# You also get GPS Tracking.
# It also supports Apple watch music control.
# You can access ratings and reviews.
# This plan comes with advanced music discovery.
# As it is a free plan, there are Ads and interruptions.

RockStar: This membership plan provides access to the complete music catalog hundreds of mixes ranging from half an hour to 4 hours. Also, continuous play feature allowing users to play their mixtures straight back to back without interruptions or advertisements. The Rock-star membership has no audio and display advertisements and can be found in three options:

O Suicide: $4.99 per month

Rock Star members also have unlimited access to the Complete package of myBeat™ Human Body Driven Music manners including:

O myBeat™ MANUAL: Users by hand adjust the tempo of some of the mixes and run/walk/cycle/workout in the time and energy to the music. This feature can be available for i-OS and Android apparatus.
O myBeat™ STEPS: Utilizing data from the i-phone accelerometer and pedometer, RockMyRun dynamically adjusts the tempo of the mix to accommodate footstrike. This feature is specially designed for walkers and runners looking to maintain sync with the music wave. This feature is currently designed for i-OS and Android apparatus.O myBeat™

HEART: Adjusts the pace of their music to respond to the physical effort as quantified by a user’s heart rate using heartbeat data transmitted via Bluetooth from some other wearable heart speed apparatus. While this feature is very good for walkers and runners. Additionally, it brings the excitement of personalized, human anatomy driven music to users participating in cycling, weight training and also non-cadence established activities. This feature is now designed for iOS and will be available soon for Android apparatus.

rockmyrun reviews

Some Reviews on RockMyRun

Let’s highlight some of the honest reviews and feedback on RockMyRun was given by users of the RockMyRun app.

Patrick: I came across this app while looking for songs to work out to on the treadmill as well as for other forms of exercise to pair with my Fitbit. Not only is there a ton of great music to choose from but the songs are by the original artists. It makes me want to sing along – my work out goes by in no time.

Ski: I also want to say that I had a support issue in regards to upgrading to a paid membership. Not only was I treated extremely well by the staff (in record time, might I add) but they definitely care about customer satisfaction for the long haul. Rock My Run totally Rocks.

Rebeka: Definitely extends my workouts with its awesome music. Whether I feel like lifting or running, there’s a HUGE selection of playlists for whatever mood I’m in! From hard rock to hip-hop to Divas of the 70’s(!) it even has incredible mash ups with mixes of Aretha with Metallica.

Mathew: I am a new runner with an 18-minute mile. The first time I listened to rockmyrun, my speed increased by 0.2 mph! I felt like dancing on the treadmill, but I figured that wouldn’t be too safe. My goal is a 10-minute mile and I feel that rockmyrun will help me get there in no time. I love how you can set the beats per minute and fine tune it to your speed. All the songs can be a predictable speed, not all mixes can do this, but many can.

Chandra: This is a really good application which gives you the motivation to run that extra mile. When I started running I wanted to absolutely give up by the 2nd mile but this kept me going till 6 miles. I was listening to the hustle mix and I don’t know where the energy came from but I just didn’t want to stop. This has nice music to sync with your beat. Overall it’s awesome.

John: Awesome app to add a soundtrack to your run, drive, or any other activity. I love the fact that it gives me an automatic playlist where the songs blend together as if curated by a DJ. I also love that I can match the tempo with my pace to keep me on track with my runs.

Melissa: I love this app! I am not a runner at all. I need all the motivation I can get. I downloaded the C25K app to help me get in shape for a 5k obstacle run. Rock My Run was a companion through the C25K app. The music is AWESOME!!! Another amazing feature is the ability to change the tempo of the song to match your pace. I’ve been recommending this to everyone. This app is great for any runner, avid and reluctant.

Tialisa: I have been running for about 4 years now and I’ve struggled to stay motivated. I would get 130bpm mixes and after a few runs, I would get so bored with them that I was spending a fortune just to stay interested in my runs. I was searching for a new means of motivation and I came across Rock My Run and it was a no-brainer. I was adding not just distance to my run I was increasing or maintaining my pace just anticipating what was going to play next. I am a mash-up junkie and the old school/new school mashups are my favorite. I love how versatile I can be with rock my run and I look forward to running every day. 

RockMyRun App Download

RockMyRun App is officially available for download on Google Play Store and Apple’s app store iTunes.

For Android, it requires at least Android 4.0.3 and up running and for iOS, it requires iOS 9.0 or later. It is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod.

Summing Up!

Overall RockMyRun provides users having a massive number of mixes to choose from when training. No one should have any difficulties with finding precisely what you need. In line with the scientific data, the idea of using music consistent with energy and pace should make the workouts end with users receiving improved results.

The single drawback is the utmost length of twenty-five moments. If you really do runs or cycling trips that won’t be enough. However, users possess the choice of subscribing and deciding whether they want to cover scientifically prepared audio or only listen to their own mixes.

This post was last updated on September 25, 2018.

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